3pc Decorative Wings - SHNK0364pc Decorative Circles - SHNK03710pc Double Stones - SHNK07113 Piece Pearl - SHNK0423pc Decorative Bib - SHNK035Pearl Strands - SHNK0382pc Decorative Pendant - LGNK0086pc Decorative Pendant - LGNK0104pc Decorative Pendant - LGNK025Decorative Pierced Pendant - LGNK0383pc Decorative Pendant - LGNK009Selective Piercing Pendant - LGNK03913pc Small and Large 'links" - LGNK03311pc Alternating "links" - LGNK031Pierced Teardrop - LGNK050GPocket Watch Necklace - LGNK044Pearl Multi Strand - SHNK003Iconic Necklace - SHNK068Decorative Necklace - SHNK007Decorative 5 Drips - SHNK056Decorative Sweet Necklace - SHNK005CRSmall Pearl Single - SHNK054BPearl Double - SHNK002Pearl Single - SHNK001
All jewelry pieces are hand cut and one of a kind, if you would like to order a necklace in a different color or chain please contact me.

Any necklace can be powder coated with one of the four colors: cream, light gray, slate gray or charcoal. I use sterling silver chain, gold- filled chain and often I will use vintage chain from necklaces and pieces of jewelry that I have collected, in this case, the vintage chain may differ from the chain in the picture so I will try to match it as well as I can.