Pearl Sketch Studs - EPSP014Bursts - EP001Decorative Silhouette Studs - EP032Pearl Sketch Petals - EPSP017CRPearl Strand Knots - EPSP015Chandelier MAX Earrings 02 Chandelier MAX Earrings 062pc Decorative w Pearl Drop - EDP022YGSimple Silhouette - EDP0012pc Strands - ED021CHPearl Sketch Strands (circular) - EPSD008Pearl Strands Mis-Match - EDP0185pc Mis-Match - ED014Facing Swans - ED0122pc Mis-Match - ED011Decorative Single with Chain - ED0262pc Pierced Teardrop - EDP0253pc Mis-Match - ED003Long Strands - ED0204pc Mis-Match - ED0043pc Alternating - ED031YGPearl Sketch Strands2pc Mis-Match - ED0013pc Alternating - ED030YGDecorative Simple - EDP002Iconic Bow Studs - EP018Strands - EPSD019Simple Drop Silhouettes - EP008Bow and Drop Silhouettes - EP010Decorative Pearl Drop Silhouettes - EP009Simple Decorative Silhouettes - EP007Chandelier Silhouettes - EP014
All jewelry pieces are hand cut and one of a kind, if you would like to order a pair of earrings in a different color please contact me.

Any pair of earrings can be powder coated with one of the four colors: cream, slate gray, light gray or charcoal.